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But unlike Knives, who probably HAS no reason for his hiatus… I will hang my head in shame, and say that I utterly underestimated the time needed for school and its many art assignments/projects. Oops

But NOW it’s winter break, and ASK MILLIONS KNIVES RETURNS. So drop a question! And be wary of any sharp blades that might pierce through your keyboard as you type. If it happens, and you lose a hand, I am not responsible.

And hey, if you wanna check out my personal blog, it’s


Oh, I am glad you asked!

I have a little surprise for you, humans!

It seems like SUCH a waste of resources, if I just let the things I, er… cut up, dry up and waste away in the sand, wouldn’t it?

So, a while back, I built something right out in the middle of nowhere, to fix that!

For any willing needy soul that passes by, I have set up a nice little food warehouse. With refrigeration, too!

You might consider it a business of some sorts!

So anyone wishing to obtain some free meat, here it is right in front of them.

How charitable of me!

… oh, and Legato kind of helped, too. I guess.

But whatever.

I can’t say business has ever been active. The thing’s gotten quite rusty over time, especially now. Quite confusing. You humans LOVE consuming the flesh of living creatures, right?

But I will admit, I have not kept up with this place very well, and I doubt Legato has much, either. Not after his.. little recent shook-up, especially.

Ah well. Doesn’t look like this has been tampered by anyone. I bet it’s still fine.









As if seconds would even make enough difference to matter.

Or somehow manages to change the fact we were still -formed- at the same time.

It makes NO difference who was born first, or who did not.

And before you even think of asking who was first…

… like I would know that!

If you’re just THAT curious, why don’t you just go ask Rem?

Good luck finding her near-century-and-a-half-old ashes.



I wouldn’t even bother answering your pointless question, if I didn’t want to clarify something for you, human.

Vash is NOT my younger brother. We are twins.

Do you know what that means?

We were born at the same time. Mere SECONDS of one another.

Unless I am severely mistaken in… whatever nonsense you are talking about, you seem to me like a complete fool, not understanding a thing you are saying to me.

… or perhaps, in words you and SO many other children seem to enjoy using to death…

You are a complete baka.

Get your facts straight before you ask me how my “role” in anything is going.


((Hi folks!

I just wanna say THANK YOU ALL for the follows, likes, and reblogs. It’s wonderful to see all you fellow Trigun fans out there, contributing to an ask blog aallllll about that one blonde plant dude who is not Vash. I cannot be grateful enough for that. Thank you all SO MUCH. ;A;

I also wanna apologize that all my updating seems to happen on the weekends. Sadly, school’s gotta be top priority, no matter what. I promise though, I’m not gunna leave you all hanging. ALL of your questions will be answered, and a good bit will be answered THIS weekend (I’m even writing/drawing for one as I type)!

So keep asking them questions! I am sure Knives, being the “friendly” guy he is, will uuuh… respond as… um…

… he will respond to them!

Thanks you all so much, again! See y’all around~!))


Anonymous asked:

Knives! What do you think of Nyan Cat?

Oh? You want to know what I think of it?

That fad is the most pointless and ear-grating endless Hell that my eyes and ears have ever encountered, and it needs to end RIGHT. NOW.

THAT’S what I think of it.

It shows the idiocy of the human race, if they are willing to watch this pile of garbage for hours on end, never realizing they have been merely brainwashed by a PIXELATED PASTRY CAT RUNNING IN SPACE.

… and the fact humans CREATED this thing, only increases my desire to see this god-forsaken race wiped off the planet.

This is a ridiculous question to ask, and I advise you to not ask me it again.

Or else you may find your anonymous self revealed to the public as blood-stained chunks in a bucket.

You are lucky I am willing to spare your life this time.

mysticferret asked:

Mr. Knives, why is your display picture so... goofy? Also, are there any human foods that you like? Since your brother is so fond of donuts, I was wondering if you had found anything that you liked too.

I should have figured I would get a question like this at some point…

BUT… I suppose I can understand your curiosity. Indeed, my brother has a VERY large appetite for doughnuts. It suits his childish demeanor, that’s for sure…

As for me, I do not care for doughnuts, or for any silly, pointless, greasy junk food like that. Plus, the last thing I will EVER do, is make myself buy food made or grown by those humans in their corrupt towns. I have no care in supporting these maggots’ businesses, or want their disgusting hands on something I’d consume! It’s nauseating just to think about!

There are, however, days where one of my right-hand assistants cooks something. Usually it is Elendira, who cooks… adequately, I guess. Enough that I can make myself eat it when I don’t feel like finding something myself.

However, those occasions are pretty rare. I am normally perfectly content preparing my own food. When I can create fruits and vegetables with practically a snap of the fingers, there’s little reason NOT to.

I suppose one fruit I enjoy the most… would be apples.

… maybe with some caramel.

And…. if Elendira churned some ice cream that day…


what was that,

… about my display…?

If you mean the icon that has me in my cloak looking towards the viewer, that is not “goofy” at all.

What are you even talking ab—

… what is this…

on my blog’s page…

How long has that been up there?

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